Saturday, 13 October 2012

Relic Knight

Ok My Dark Venagance Chaos force has been painted

With the cultists done

But im taking a 40k break and painting up a mdel that Derek Osbourne sent me from his video of Relic Knight Week.

So Calico Kate an Skully has been started with Skully not taking me much time to do but with a lot of figgering out of how to build Kate but ive made and painted the lower half and put some sand texture on the base

Friday, 28 September 2012

Chaos On the March

This month ive been pounding away trying to get all the rest of the chaos marines finshed from the dark vengance set and now ive completed that task with now all the chaos chosen finshed. I also got my first Relic Knight from Throne Of Angels which I will built after ive painted the 2 cultist champions becayse I think im getting a little 40k burn out so this might make a great break. Once ive built the main body or at least got the legs built I do some more cultists.


Here are the comeplete Chosen

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Update 12/7/2012

Its been too long since ive updated this blog but dont worrie I have alot to talk about today so best I get into it.

Lastest Projects

My lastest work is currently on the Dark Vengance boxset mainly the Chaos forces inside, model wise I can't fault the plastic kit having 20 cultist, 6 chosen, Lord and a Hellbrute, these I am painting up as Alpha Legion simply because of all the chaos forces I can relate to them. For colours for them im using "Altdorf Guard Blue" with "Leadbelcher" and "Runefang Steel" this is my main colour the blue and the lining on the armour on the outside. On the inside I use "Sybarite Green" and "Sotek Green" as hightlights making the models look more like the legion and more stunning to my opinion.

Ive not yet started the cultists but I have finshed painting the Hellbrute, Lord and working on the Chosen.
The Hellbrute is based on a base from and the rest will be on bases from but have not arived yet. Reason for the bases I am using what are modern urban roads is the army to me is attacking Skegness and my chaos deamons what il get to later on in this post are coming from the beach so it make it look like a two way attack what to me is like the legion, the Hellbrute is the only model not on the urban roads due to the size of the model I wanted it to stand out thus I gave it a destroyed chruch base and makess it look very scenic.

Armies/Allies/Models In Progress


My Chaos Deamons are slowly getting done infact they would of been all painted if the Dark Vengance boxset had not come out. All the painted models are my Helrad Of Slannesh what is a Vampire Counts Banshee made to look like a sea ghost, my Seekers Of Slannesh are also finshed and are themed on seahorses and mermaids. Currently I was working on my Bloodletter Of Khorn what are done in the colour sceme of the Halloween Crab, and my Flamers of Tzeench are done like living coral with green fire coming out of them, the only thing is not painted is my Pink Horrors because I am painting them once I get started like different tropical fish. There are based on sand basetex with PVA and Superglue mixed to make a coral reef like base.

Steel Knight:

Ive made a start on this model and only got a few bits left to do to him, but at the start I had real problem building him because the glue was not able to hold his weapon in place so in the end I had to pin it, but ive been mainly using metallics for him but ive also been putting in chevrons in when I can, I think I will finsh him before I finsh my deamons so least I do not need to worrie about him then.

I should be hopefully updating this in two weeks

Monday, 18 June 2012

My Tesla-crons

Today I thought I was going to do a step by step on how I paint my tesla themed necron army what now will only consist of 14 models due to its going to be a 500pt force for quick fun games. All paints are ethier the old Games Workshop paints or the new ones they do and I prepared all the models to get rid of mold lines ect.

Step 1. I used Screaming Bell for the base coat straight on to the bare plastic
Step 2. I over the top of the basecoat put Tin Bitz trying to not get it on the wires of the gun and the base
 Step 3. Snot Green on the gun wires and power cell of the gun
 Step 4. Ice Blue on the other gun wires and other sections of the gun
Step 5. Scorpion Green for highlighing the main power cell and the inserts of the body
 Step 6. Add Blazing Orange to the eyes
 Step 7. Dry brush Shining Gold on the models being careful not to get it on some of the highlighted areas

Step 8. Add a Skull White stripe to the head
 Step 9. Paint the base Fortress Grey
 Step 10. Put a blue wash on to dull the colour and darken the resess's
 Step 11. Highligh with Space Wolf Grey the base
 Step 12. Finsh the fine details if there is any on the base